Videoreleases from SISKA'S Element

Angels Cry

All over the world (All over the world) I hear the Angels cry (Angels cry) They fly away (They fly away) And they wonder why

All over the world I hear the Angels cry (Angels cry) They fly away And they wonder why

I wanna fly To a place so high Where love’s the key Not just for a while…...

Can you see the little child Walkin’ down the streets Nothing’s left but pain and harm Imagine how it feels Forget your home, Your friends, your love Leave all that behind Maybe then you’ll understand Why we can’t deny

Everything he’s fighting for He doesn’t care at all He feels alone, S...

I‘ve been sittin‘ here For a long, long time Waiting for someone like you To come and change my life And I don‘t know How long it will take To leave all this behind What more could I say

I can‘t stand this feeling That grows inside of me But I gotta move on The way meant to be

I fly aw...

You’re so a pretty girl Clever and so smart You’re workin’ all the time Just to get things done But when I look at you And ask how you feel You say „I don’t know“ „I forgot how to feel“

You just do care What people think While you watch your life Watch your life goes by Instead of being...