“I wanna be a knight who stands for nothing but love.
But can all this be in a world that’s still dark”  (aus: True Lovin’)

Energetic, boundless, loud and yet intimate, that`s the music of SISKA`S Element, an alternative rock/pop duo from Nuremberg. The musical vision behind the band is provided by SISKA, who not only gave the band its name but also masterminded it. She says.” I wanted to create music which sounded as if Tori Amos were the lead singer of Muse”. When she approached Yannick (the drummer) in 2014 with plenty of songs on hand, it was clear to both of them that they wanted to form a band straight away. Since then he has enhanced SISKA`S Element with epically orchestrated drums or just simple groovy minimalism.

SISKA deliberately composes and sings in English because she wants to reach as many people as possible.

“For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to wake people up and make them aware of the unjust distribution of power in a kind of empathetic, in-your-face way. Tori does this in a gentle, intimate way and Muse just blatantly hits the nail on the head. If you combine these two contrasting styles, there is no better way to get the message over.  

You have to start on your own to be in love
Desire, to break the mould
You can change the world, it’s up to you”  (aus: Stand Up)

Tom Schenk, their producer, is a man who knows how to capture the vision of SISKA`S Element. The ambivalence of hard bass riffs, crystal clear vocals and floating synths in combination with a varied rhythm section create the typical SISKA`S Element sound!  

SISKA`S Element is well worth seeing live. They will not only carry you away and stir up your emotions, you can dance to them as well. With the aid of their bassist they manage to produce so much energy on stage that they always leave their audiences feeling totally impressed. “SISKA`S voice is so expressive and the band`s live show so powerful, it just knocks you off your feet.” With drums, bass and piano they create a sound which makes their show unbelievably intensive and powerful and is absolutely in keeping with SISKA`S Element`s motto – music is the purest form of audible energy.

“You know,
money and power could really help the world
but only if you fit it right.” (aus: Stay On Your Way)

SISKA`S Element embraces commitment and is interested in deeds, not empty words. Anybody listening to SISKA`S Elements songs automatically supports SOS Kinderdorf (A German charity organization which provides facilities for needy children). Each time you buy a song, 5 cent will be donated.

“Imagine there is a better world and you’re part of it” (aus: Pictures From Above)

Saskia Rienth with SISKA’S Element, November 2018